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Q: Does the OSM AML Inventory include all land and water damaged by past mining? 

A: No, it only contains problems eligible for reclamation using the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund. Also, only coal-related problems due to mining prior to the enactment of Surface Mining Control Reclamation Act and meeting the first two objective set out in SMCRA, Priorities 1 and 2, have been systematically inventoried. The categories of problems in the Inventory and their share of total reclamation costs in the Inventory are shown in the table.

Q: Does the AML Inventory contain information on mine(s) or company(ies) responsible for the damage?

A: No. Under SMCRA sites are eligible for reclamation funding if there is no party with a continuing reclamation responsibility under State or Federal law.

Q: What are the three funding status categories used in the inventory?

A: Unfunded, Funded, and Completed.

Q: Are new problems being added to the AML Inventory?

A: Yes.

Q: Why are new problems being added?

A: The two main reasons are:

a.) A pre-existing problem that did not meet the priorities now meets them because of a change in circumstances. For example, an existing highwall not in the AML Inventory is added when, after heavy rains, it becomes unstable and threatens a house near its base.

b.) A new problem arises. For example, an old underground coal mine begins to subside threatening a road and nearby houses. A subsidence problem would be added to the AML Inventory.

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